Thursday, February 5, 2009

wanted: model, MUA, hair stylist

February 13th - Female Model, MUA, Hairstylist

I am looking for a female model, a make-up artist and/or hair stylist for an indoor shoot in studio on February 13th. The studio is located in Gorham, ME on the University of Southern Maine's campus.

Time: afternoon, would like to start around 12. Shoot will last around 2 hours depending on outfit changes and MUA/stylist.

Theme: Looking to do images with tasteful clothing; jeans, nice tops, heels, etc. Examples: … id=8868531 … id=8868645 … d=10348666 … id=5112853

Models: Please include link to current photos or portfolio and let me know if you can do your own hair and make-up in case a MUA cannot be booked.

MUA: Please include past experience and a link to photos or a portfolio.

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