Wednesday, October 29, 2008

b&w photos, casting call

I'm putting out a firmer casting call than just "I want models"
I'm looking for girls who have:
Normal to slim figures (if you look like a skeleton or are too big to be a plus size model this excludes you... basically I just want girls who look good and are confident).
Hair that is at least shoulder length. Longer is preferred. Any hair type is fine, curly or straight or in between.
It would be helpful if you had simple clothing to wear for the shoot, nothing with logos. Plain solid colored shirts that are not low cut, jeans, and some nice shoes (something other than sneakers and *no uggs*), heels or styled boots would be great.

If you wear size small shirt or size 7 shoe I have things you can borrow. Otherwise we'll work with your wardrobe.

The shoot is for me to practice styling, lighting, directing a model, and running a shoot. I have a standard pain-free release form that we sign so that we both feel comfortable and know what we are getting out of the shoot. You can see examples of my work here.

I am also always looking for people to do make-up or hair. The more people involved the merrier!

If you're interesting in helping in anyway shoot me a message here or email me at stephanie.elizabeth.m AT gmail DOT com

*New works*

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm submitting my portfolio tomorrow to be accepted into the art major of my current school. I stuck three photos in there along with my drawings and designs:

(full view on my deviantART)

It's the first time I've seen my photos in print and at the risk of sounding like a self-centered douchebag, they look wonderful. Right now they're all matted and in plastic sleeves to be protected, and they look so much better than I could have ever hoped.

Yesterday I took some photos of the SPHS marching band at the competition in Old Orchard... and every single photo is grainy and full of noise from the high ISO I had to use. Poo. I saved a handful of them, but hopefully next weekend will be sunnier so I can re-do. I saw two pro photogs there, and one of them had a lovely big full frame camera... *jealous*

And now I'm very tired and need to stop vegetating in front of my laptop and start getting ready to sleep soon.

Shoots with models soon! :D Please please drop me a line if you want to model. No experience necessary, just enough bravery to be in front of the camera and plenty of energy :)


Thursday, October 23, 2008

studio, softbox & nudes

There are nudes at the bottom of this post. You can't see any naughty bits, but just be forewarned.

I'm exhausted.
Group sculpture was due today in Design, which was stressful but now it's done... unfortunately professor assigned us a carving project next.
Too much work.
Carving, portfolio needs to be done Monday, I'm supposed go to a comedy night tonight, a play tomorrow night, a marching band competition on saturday, then dance rehearsal on sunday. I have too much to do.

On a happy note I found out I can use the photography studio that's downstairs in my building. They have white and black backdrops and softboxes :O
My only irk is that they have huge tables that are RIGHT in the way of where I'd want to stand... seriously, they must just assume people use that room for waist and up portraits or headshots. I want to do full length! >:[ Someday I'll have my own studio...

Here is some recent work I've done using my make shift studio set up.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

concert photography

Concert photography isn't really my forte... I don't plan on being a photojournalist, I just like more control over my shots. However I do on occasion bring my camera out to concerts just for fun and a little practice in a new area. I got a few nice shots this past Saturday at a show that Tony Smokes and the Lady Killers put on. They got cut from a battle of the bands thing they were supposed to do that night (horrible company was putting it on, doesn't know how to do business or properly run things), so they put together an impromptu concert at my college. Here are some photos:

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introduction - new blog

Well, as of yet I don't have any readers, but that makes sense since this is a new blog.

So, my name is Stephanie. Online I go by Stephanie Elizabeth, or selizabeth (among some other handles, but those don't matter). I am 19, in college, and am pursuing a career as a fashion photographer. I write in my journal on deviantART but I wanted something a little separated from there to document my artistic "journey". You can find me there at (big surprise, huh?)

Now that I've done my little intro, it's time for bed.