Friday, March 20, 2009

Tip: Portfolios Sizes

A lot of photographers and models only ever share photos digitally, online, through websites or email. But for those looking to create an actual hard copy portfolio you may find yourselves wondering what size your photos should be printed at.

When preparing files for printing you should size them to a resolution of 300dpi - you should also make sure you save to the right color profile for the lab that is doing your printing. The place I get prints from,, asks for jpg files in SRGB colorspace.

For performers (actors, actresses) the standard size is an 8x10 inch print in portrait orientation.

For models, 9x12 - show up to a casting with an 8x10 book and you'll look a bit silly!

And for photographers, it is 11x14 - a hefty book, but it's meant to be big so that the client can see all the details in your photos.

For photographers, these sizes all mean you need to crop your images down - so try to plan for that while shooting and give yourself room so you don't cut off a forehead.

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