Wednesday, April 15, 2009

keep your equipment safe!

It is heartbreaking to hear stories of people's equipment getting lost, stolen, or broken. A lot of times people don't give thought to what precautions to take till after it's too late and something bad has happened. So what can you do to help prevent mishaps to your gear?

1) Write down serial numbers in a safe place as soon as you get a piece of equipment. In the event that your gear gets stolen, the police will most likely need a serial number. If you get your gear insured they will also need your serial numbers and possibly a picture of the item.

2) Insurance! I'm guilty of not doing this one simply because it's daunting in complexity and expense. But there is a chance that home owners insurance might cover you. Call your insurance agency to check.

3) Be quiet, be discreet. My camera bag is plain and black, no big logos. If my camera is not around my neck and in my hands it is in my bag which is always on my shoulder if I'm out. I don't make a big show about the camera and I'll soon be replacing the neck strap with something plain that does not have the Canon logo, and considering covering the other logos with black gaffers tape. NEVER set your camera or bag down anywhere, it only takes one moment for someone to grab them and run off.

Be aware of your surroundings, take some steps for caution, and best of luck! =)

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Sav said...

Great little article :)
Where did you buy your bag, I have been looking for a small/convenient one..

- Savannah

stephanie elizabeth said...

I bought my camera bag at a store in Portland called "photoshops", however I'd recommend buying at a different store as I've heard they overprice. At the very least shop around and don't be lulled into a fast purchase like I was >.<