Thursday, October 23, 2008

studio, softbox & nudes

There are nudes at the bottom of this post. You can't see any naughty bits, but just be forewarned.

I'm exhausted.
Group sculpture was due today in Design, which was stressful but now it's done... unfortunately professor assigned us a carving project next.
Too much work.
Carving, portfolio needs to be done Monday, I'm supposed go to a comedy night tonight, a play tomorrow night, a marching band competition on saturday, then dance rehearsal on sunday. I have too much to do.

On a happy note I found out I can use the photography studio that's downstairs in my building. They have white and black backdrops and softboxes :O
My only irk is that they have huge tables that are RIGHT in the way of where I'd want to stand... seriously, they must just assume people use that room for waist and up portraits or headshots. I want to do full length! >:[ Someday I'll have my own studio...

Here is some recent work I've done using my make shift studio set up.



Anonymous said...

Um, yeah. Wow. Very, very good. :) I like these... the shadows and,,, ahhH!!! :)

stephanie elizabeth said...

hahaha thanks :D