Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photojournalism: Marching Band Show

These photos were taken at the Biddeford marching band competition. I was there primarily to see the South Portland Red Riots marching band, but I wasn't able to scan those negatives in on time to post this tonight and I wanted to share at least something. I hope to post again this weekend or next week with those photos and a few other stragglers that didn't get scanned tonight.

It was a great show!

Technical info: these were all shot with my Pentax ZX-M then scanned into a computer using a badass film scanner my school owns. I shot with a mixture of 400, 1600 and 3200 speed films. The 3200 came out surprisingly clean since the shop I bought it from warned me the grain would be "the size of gravel". I must caution though that the development time for that film was a staggering TWENTY MINUTES. Ugh. Never again!!!

I saw this man with his big ol' 300mm Canon lens and just had to get a snap. He looks like the quintessential sports photographer, right down to the backwards ball cap :D

This judge sat down in front of me creating the perfect shot - look at that poor kids face!

I spotted this guy when he was in the stands across the gym from me trying to get photos (all the performers were facing away from him, so he eventually moved over pretty close to me and blocked a few shots, leading me to snap a few of him ;)

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