Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Evening with the Cambiata

If you missed the show last at the student center then you missed a great concert. The USM student body seems to be rather notorious for just not giving a fuck about what's going on on campus... whether it be because everyone is partying in the dorms or just oblivious that things actually happen here (a recent poll in the Free Press showed that a large percentage of students wished more concerts happen on campus, seemingly unaware that we usually have one every one or two weeks!).
Last night was a very big exception though, with a crowd of around 80 flocking to the Brooks Student Center to see The Cambiata. I saw them last spring at Space Gallery and was a little put off by the loudness, but last night the music seemed more controlled, more mature, and overall much more enjoyable.

The Cambiata performing at USM, Fall 2008

The Student Center isn't the most technologically advanced, super trendy venue, however the band overcame any issues with the tiny stage and gave a really great performance. For someone who doesn't really listen to that kind of music I even found myself getting into it and enjoying their sound.

the stage at the student center is thin and long, forcing the band to spread out in a line

I do hope that someday USM has a better concert set-up than we currently have. The small stage, limited equipment, and sub-par lighting make it very hard to put on the amazing shows that other colleges pull off. However the crowd last night didn't seem to mind at all.

three students seated facing the right side of the stage

I did notice that the 'no mans land' effect was in strong force that night, leaving a large area empty. In the future chairs will probably be set up directly in front of the stage to help solve this problem.

concert-goers formed a ring around the stage with an empty half circle space between them and the performers

Despite the empty area everyone still had a great time, listening to the music and having fun. Hopefully this is a trend that can keep going in the future!

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