Saturday, November 8, 2008

need a good camera? I'm selling mine!

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Yup, that's right. I'm selling all my equipment. I want to upgrade to a professional level camera and I've found one that's the right fit and price for me, but part of being able to afford it means selling my D40 and the things I've gotten for it. Below is a list of what I'm selling, I've also included photos beneath the items to show what you can achieve with it - click them to see larger versions. I'm going to take photos of the equipment as well when I get a moment or you can just look them up on google to see what they look like.

I'm selling:
the D40 body This is a camera body - no lens, and it needs a lens to take photos. I wouldn't recommend just buying the body unless you already have lenses!

The D40 is a great, lightweight, entry level Digital SLR. It's my first DSLR and I was able to jump from a point and shoot up to it without problems. It has the standard scene modes that compact digitals have but also allows you to grow into manual modes and focusing as you are ready. It is VERY hard to take bad photos with this camera, it just works. The manual is very clear and helpful and there are numerous resources online on how to get the most out of this great little camera. Comes with the neck strap, manual, battery, and charger.

Photo examples: see my deviantART page. Every photo on there was taken with my D40.

18-55mm AF-S Nikkor lens This is an autofocus lens, the standard kit lens that comes with the D40. If you want you can also turn auto-focus off to focus manually. Works well for most general photography from spontaneous photos to portraits. It comes with a front cap.

55-200mm AF-S Nikkor DX Lens Autofocus telephoto lens. Like the 18-55mm you can also use manual focus with this if you want. Great for wildlife as you can see below, and I've also used it for marching band competitions where I'm stuck far away in the stands. It comes with a bayonet hood, front lens cap, rear lens cap, and pouch.

50mm AF Nikkor Only focuses manually with the D40, but is a great lens for low light situations and to learn manual focus with. I also use it with the extension tubes to take macro shots. I use it for concerts and close up work. Comes with front and rear caps.

Kenko Extension Tube Set DG This is a set of 12mm, 20mm, and 36mm rings. They can be stacked in any order or combination between the body of the camera and the lens. They are useful for close up photos. When using them you CAN NOT autofocus. As you can see below I use these for macro and close up. Comes with front and rear caps and the box it came in for easy storage.

UV Glass Filter by Tiffen This is a simple glass filter that screws on the front of any of the lenses I am selling. It filters out UV light to reduce some glare and it also protects your lens from being scratched accidently. It really is a must have, because if you scratch a lens you'll spend a fortune replacing it. Scratch one of these guys and you can plunk down a few bucks and get a new one.

Camera Bag It's a simple light weight bag with an adjustable long shoulder strap and a shorter handle. It fits the camera with either the 18-55mm or the 50mm lens on, and you can store the other small lens in a pocket. With the telephoto lens on you can't fit any others in. It's also got some small pockets on the outside that can fit things like a glasses case, wallet, or keys.

Tripod and two mounting shoes (they go on the bottom of the camera and attach to the tripod) that I'll probably be selling as well. The new camera is most likely too heavy for this. The tripod is light weight (very easy to carry around) but holds the D40 just fine, just be careful leaving it alone with the telephoto lens on, I haven't tried that and it's possible it could tip over if it's in harsh conditions or on unstable ground. The tripod has worked fabulously for what I've used it for - night shots, self portraits, and macro work. Includes tripod, two mounting shoes, and a bag with shoulder strap.

If you were to go out and replicate my system - the camera, lenses, accessories (including tripod and bag) you could end up paying around $1000. These are all used, so I won't be asking for 1k, but I've taken extremely good care of this equipment and it is all like new, plus you save shipping and handling from getting it from me - and you can play with it before you buy it. Moreover since I've used all the equipment I know it works and how it works, so I'm rather good tech support for it as opposed to chasing around googling and learning things the hard way (like I've done!).

I'm hoping to sell this for no less than $800, but hopefully closer to $900. I cannot give a 100% promise to anyone to be the one who buys the camera because with the way the world is you never know what will happen with prices of technology or financial emergencies that happen. I also do not plan on selling it for a couple of months, I'm waiting for a new model of camera to come out and make the camera I'm looking at drop it's price, so you have a little while to think and gather up your pennies. I'm hoping to sell everything all together as a kit, but if you just want one piece or just a few let me know and I'll see if it's realistic to do.

If you have any questions at all about any of the equipment, want to know more details or explanations about them, more example pictures, or want to put in a bid for it send me a note on facebook or email me at stephanie.elizabeth.m[nospam]

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