Wednesday, November 5, 2008

fall fashion, Obama

First, Obama.
I am a liberal, I largely support Democrats, and I have been rooting for and voted for Barack Obama in the presidential election. As you know by now unless you live under a rock, is that he is now Presidential Elect Obama, not just Senator or Candidate.

I am hoping that in the coming months and years we as a country and as a human race on earth will come together to create better lives for ourselves. I am hoping that the gut reactions of those who did not support Obama will subside, and that instead of the childishness I am seeing in some people I will instead see a willingness to work together.

Congratulations everyone, We Did It!


Now, "fall fashion"

Fall Fashion
model: Katie P

photographer: Stephanie Elizabeth

One of four photos from the shoot. More will be coming along. It was fabulous to wander around the inside and out of the building and shoot. I'm going to try to do more shoots more often. I have a few people lined up so I'm hoping I can pull things together!

<3 goodnight

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