Tuesday, November 4, 2008

USM at night + go vote!

I went out last night with my camera and tripod and did some night photography... got a lot of stupid comments from passersby but also got a few gems.

Above is the front of robie-andrews, it's a long exposure with a car driving by - you can see the streak of light on the road. It has not been edited beyond toning down a little red and resizing it.

Behind robie-andrews looking at the art department. The longer exposures cause the lights to look like that.

This is probably my favorite from the night... this is behind robie-andrews facing Corthell with all the street lamps glowing. I would really suggest clicking it to view the whole photo larger.

I also got pictures of a plane moving across the sky, some of the stars, and experimented with shooting the intersection down the street with all the cars going by. I think it'll take me a little more time to refine the technique I use for those.


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