Thursday, November 13, 2008

paypal woes

I've been verified by paypal, but now I have to wait for my echeck to clear because I didn't realize the difference between drawing directly from a bank account versus a debit card T_T

Although verifying was supposed to take 3-5 days and it took just a few hours. So hopefully the check will clear fast so the camera can be sent to me!

I'm on myspace now, woo
we should be friends :P

I'm building my team right now... I have someone to assist me with holding reflectors and keeping track of equipment, and I also have a MUA (make-up artist). What I need is someone who is good, REALLY good, at doing hair (as in, I can show you a photo of a style and you could replicate it to a good degree), and then of course the issue of finding a good place to supply nice clothes. I've been checking out goodwill since you can find some gems there, but I think I'll have to hit some consignment boutiques since they tend to have higher quality more stylish clothes on the cheap. But if anyone fancies themself as a designer or stylist I'd more than welcome you to help out with shoots :)

The reason I'm putting together a team is because I've started reaching out more into the Portland modeling community to find models, and I've got a reply back from a serious model who wants to do a shoot at some point. You can find her on myspace @
I also contacted a modeling agency who said that they aren't currently hiring photographers but to check back in four months. So basically four months to create a kickass portfolio... it can be done!


And I was going to post photos but now I need to run to class...

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