Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Model wanted for shoot, spring semester

I'm am going to begin casting for a shoot that will take place on a weekend in February or March (it's dependent on the availability of the location, which I have not confirmed yet. I want to cast someone and then work with their schedule to find a good time).

Theme/Concept: Mixing dance (ballet) with fashion. The wardrobe will be a semi-formal dress, most likely black, that I will provide unless you have something you prefer that will work for the shoot.
I am looking for someone who has a dance background and knows how to safely work in ballet pointe shoes and can provide their own.**
Flexibility, strength, stamina, and patience will be needed for this very active shoot.

Location: University of Southern Maine, Gorham Campus

MUA will be provided, and possibly hair stylist as well.

Non-USM Students: I will provide print-ready digital negs and web-ready versions of the final images in exchange for your time. A meal on campus will be provided if you wish, and depending on how far away you come from I can cover a portion of the gas cost or have a few images printed in 8x11 for your portfolio.

USM Students: Digital files for you to print at your leisure as well as ready to upload versions for the web. Possibly a few 8x11 prints.

Please message me with any questions or to let me know you're interested.

** If you have experience with other forms of dance other than ballet let me know, I might not be able to use you for this particular project but I have a few other ideas cooking that could use your skills.

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